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Custom Craftworks Massage Tables

Our athena massage tables are first-rate pick-up spot for your next events, they're local and we offer only express pick-up, so you can get to your guests quickly. Plus, our athena table is dandy for your next conference or meeting.

Massage Tables Custom Craftworks

At Custom craft works, we know that you need the best in Custom massages, we create original Craftworks massage tables that will ensure you get a fantastic massage every time. Our tables are made with high-quality materials and beneficial design for your needs, plus, we offer several types of massage tables to choose from, so you can find a first-class one for you. The Custom Craftworks massage table is sterling for lovers with massage needs, it's comfortable and efficient, and its multiple features and designs make it a valuable substitute for any massage room. Our athena massage table comes complete with local pick-up only, you'll have to come in to the shop to order it, as our tables are not available online. But we can offer you a free shipping rate off on your next purchase! The Custom Craftworks classic series pro basic electric table is a top-grade table for individuals or other gallbladder conditions, it is produced with a standard pro-grade chair head and and grants a comfortable feel. The table also features a self-adjusting spindle column and a large, hard-shell base that makes it facile to take on or home.