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Table Warmer For Massage Table

The table Warmer is best-in-the-class For your massage table! It is soft and lightweight, making it basic to move around, the 12 foot power cord provides plenty of power to the table warmer's 12 foot power cord. Plus, the soft and fluffy deluxe will keep your massage table warm all day long.

Earthlite Basics Fleece Massage Table Warmer

The earthlite basics fleece massage table is an 12 foot power cord table Warmer that is exceptional For use with animals, this table is fabricated from heavy-duty materials and comes with a deluxe fleece massage table. This table is excellent For admirers who wish to massage their animals and make them feel relax and comfortable, this table is moreover exceptional For suitors who have a large animal and want to make sure that everyone is getting the best possible massage. This table gives 12 foot power cord and is produced from heavy-duty materials that will leave your animal feeling warm and comfortable, this is a soft, cozy, and comfortable massage table Warmer with 3 settings: medium, high, and high. It provides a soft, fleece-lined cover and is produced of durable materials like plastic and wood, the 5 heat settings will get you a terrific body heat you need For your specific issue. The cover also presents a special built-in heat sensor to keep you warm even when you're not the table Warmer that we offer is enticing For any massage table, it is a soft, fleece-based massager that is unrivalled For use with 12-ft. Power cord, the table warmer's 12-ft. Cord is top-rated For use against a future-ready table, the table Warmer is a top-rated surrogate For your massage table. It presents 3 heat settings and can be detachable For effortless storage, the controller is in like manner basic to use, just need a key and the table warm up quickly.